On this website you will find information on Felix Hardmood Beck's involvement at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) since 2015.

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 +===== Engineers for Social Impact =====
 +The following text has to be updated. ​ --- //​[[post@felix-beck.de|Felix Beck]] 2016/08/27 17:26//
 +Engineers for Social Impact (EfSI) supports and complements the mission and goals of the Engineering Division at NYUAD through a co-curricular program that emphasizes experiential learning via field work as well as the development of locally sustainable engineering designs and technologies.
 +The goals of Engineers for Social Impact are to:
 +  * Immerse students in a culture that promotes invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship through an experiential learning process rooted in the global community.
 +  * Build a forum for developing and sharing ideas and knowledge towards creating sustainable technological solutions that improve the lives of end users in the Bottom of the Pyramid socio-economic groups.
 +  * Serve as a platform for exploring technology entrepreneurship models for social impact that are economically self-sustainable.
 +  * Create long-term partnerships with corporations,​ non-governmental organizations,​ and government agencies to provide students with experiential opportunities as well as pathways for future engagements.
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