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Understanding the Technical World

Assignment: Essay

Theme: Understanding the Technical World

Task: Choose a recent (max. 1 year old) news story in a popular national or international news source concerning novel technology. Your assignment is to read the news article and then write an essay about the selected topic (approximately 3 pages). Your essay must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion and should use the format defined by the Modern Language Association. The text should:

  • Summarise the article,
  • Evaluate the news story from technical, rhetorical and sociological points of view (Who is the target audience?). Please include the merit and shortcomings the story has and the…
  • …Possible impact of the featured technology on society.
  • You should close your essay with an outlook into the future, and with an ideation of new and non existing use-cases for this technology.

The essay must be submitted as PDF through NYU Classes course page named according to the following template: essay_YourFirstName_YourLastName.pdf and containing a Header with your complete Name, and Student number. The essay is designed to teach students how to perform a conceptual outline of a project idea.

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