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 |14|The production of the film //​Metropolis// ​  ​|[[:​mm19_oct-01|TUE,​ Oct-01-19]] ​ |Nate  | |14|The production of the film //​Metropolis// ​  ​|[[:​mm19_oct-01|TUE,​ Oct-01-19]] ​ |Nate  |
 |15|The Way Things Go by Peter Fischli and David Weiss  |[[:​mm19_oct-01|TUE,​ Oct-01-19]] ​ |Susanne ​ | |15|The Way Things Go by Peter Fischli and David Weiss  |[[:​mm19_oct-01|TUE,​ Oct-01-19]] ​ |Susanne ​ |
 +=== Room for thoughts… ===
 +  * What is the moral of the story?
 +  * Looking at the //​futuristic dystopia// ​ that Metropolis describes, what is your outline of futuristic dystopia? How do you see your future? How do you see our/the worlds technological progress?
 +  *   About the specific set design: How are the differences between the establishment and the working class thematized? Which similarities do you see?
 +  * How did the future look like two years ago? ⇒ [[https://​www.weforum.org/​agenda/​2016/​01/​a-brief-guide-to-the-technologies-changing-world/​|The 7 technologies changing your world]] (World Economic Forum)
 +  * Technological Progress: [[https://​ourworldindata.org/​technological-progress|Our World in data]]
 +Jim Heimann (Ed.), Future Perfect, Vintage Futuristic Graphics, Cologne, 2002.\\
 +You can read the foreword //Futures That Never Arrived// by Bruce McCall [[https://​www.amazon.com/​Future-Perfect-Vintage-Futuristic-Graphics/​dp/​3822815667|here]].
 +  * A future that never has arrived? Do you think the presence of //​futuristic// ​ machine drawings like the ones you can find in the above links played any role for the development of todays existing machines?
 +  * What is todays equivalent of those futuristic graphics?
 +  * Is there a difference between //​science// ​ and //science fiction//?
 +  * Take a look into the mirror. Which machines control your life? What do you think about that? Are there ways to change things?
 +=== Links ===
 +  * Retrofuturism [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Retrofuturism|https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Retrofuturism]]
 +  * [[https://​de.pinterest.com/​shape5/​vintage-retrofuturism-sci-fi-art/​|https://​de.pinterest.com/​shape5/​vintage-retrofuturism-sci-fi-art/​]]
 +=== Is it just the way things go? ===
 +Fischli-Weiss - The Way Things Go 1:
 +Fischli- Weiss - The Way Things Go 2:
 +Fischli- Weiss - The Right Way:
 +Fischli-Weiss - The Point of Least Resistance:
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