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Utilitas, Venustas, Firmitas

Engineering Design Studio (A5, 015)
Thursday, January 25, 2018


  • What is design research? ⇒ explain the differences between the following perspectives:
    • Research about Design
    • Research as Design
    • Research through Design

Overture: Theme of the Day => The Design Process

  1. Attendance list
  2. Lectures (PDFs) and other ressources will be available through classes
  3. Discussing potential visiting times for Warehouse 421 exhibition “In the Making” and eventually Art Dubai (March 21-24, 2018 at Madinat Jumeirah).
  4. Which companies did you find that produce in the UAE. We will fill all our findings here: material resource list
  5. Felix's short summary on the Design Process (The Vision of Design)
  6. Presentation of Gantt Charts (homework for today!)


  1. Reading: Research Methods for Product Design (p. 78)
  2. Idea development: Think about three furniture (products) you would like to design. Create a mood board for each one (3×1=3!).
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