On this website you will find information on Felix Hardmood Beck's involvement at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) from 2015–2020.

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UVF Fieldtrip 2019


  1. Felix Beck (050-684 79 30)

UVF Class:

Day 1

07:45 Meeting at NYUAD Welcome Center
08:00 Start (please bring your own breakfast!)
Busdrive (case-study presentation ⇒ Adham; presentation of design ideas/ stop at gas station for snacks, ice cubes & water)
09:00 Antique Museum Dubai (workshop)
11:30 Busdrive to Sharjah (case-study presentation ⇒ May)
Lunchbreak: Jameel Arts Center (discussion about design ideas)
13:30 Jameel Arts Center Tour
14:45 Departure
16:00 Arrival at 1971 Design Space ⇒ exhibition: Earth and its Materiality in the Ceramics of Michael Rice (tour with artist)
Activity: Create a 360 video of one of the objects, and about 60 pictures from the same object from all angles
17:00 Departure
17:00 Museum of Islamic Civilization (guided tour through exhibitions; Wikipedia article)
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Rain Room (installation)
21:30 Hotel

Day 2

07:00 Breakfast
07:30 Departure
08:00 Sharjah Art Museum
09:30 Departure
10:00 Arrival at FIKRA Design Studio (website)
12:00 Departure
Busdrive (case-study presentation ⇒ Saleh)
13:45 Oasis Tour I.
Picnic at Al Qattara
14:45 Guided tour Al Qattara Center
15:15 Departure
16:00 Arrival at Eco Center ⇒ guided tour
Oasis Tour II.
17:30 Departure
Busdrive back to NYUAD campus
18:00 Arrival at Qasr Al Muwaji (guided tour)
19:00 Departure
Busdrive back to NYUAD campus
18:45 Arrival on campus


Finishing case-study presentations:

05Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Hill House Chair, 1904 THU, 02-21-19 ⇒ today! May
06Josef Hoffmann, Die Sitzmaschine, 1905 THU, 02-21-19 ⇒ today! Adham
08Gerrit Rietveld, The Red Blue Chair, 1917 THU, 02-28-19 ⇒ today! Saleh

Things to bring

  • Bring everything you need to stay over night!
  • health insurance cards
  • Comfortable & light clothes and shoes
  • One towel
  • Mobile phone
  • Hat, umbrella
  • Water bottle!!
  • Money for snacks
  • Drawing pad & pencils (Felix)
  • 1st aid kit (Felix)
  • Printouts (Felix)
  • receipt pad (Felix)
  • gifts from bookstore (Felix)
  • Safety glasses (Felix)
  • box for ice cubes, cokes etc. (Felix)


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