On this website you will find information on Felix Hardmood Beck's involvement at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) since 2015.

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 +=== Prelude ===
 +  - Who wants attend an additional weaving workshop at NYUAD at the// General Women'​s Union// on April 25, 2019? => please contact Maryam Albelooshi (Community Learning Coordinator).
 === Case Study Presentations === === Case Study Presentations ===
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 === Discussion topics/​potential questions === === Discussion topics/​potential questions ===
 +  * Beside the omni present plastics, which are other todays challenges that relate to materials and overproduction that might be interesting to be used in future furniture developments?​ Let us say e.g. used car tires or used cloth. What else? What would be needed to integrate such into contemporary developments?​
 +  * Which aspects come together in Shigeru Ban Paper Tube and Plywood Stool? Which developments in design does it built on? Is this chair a sustainable solution? What would happen if instead of the cardboard tubes other elements would be used? What can you think of => glass bottles, chicken bones…?
 +  * Which aspects come together in the Spun chair? What other materials would you like the chair to be made of?
 +  * What do you think about the fact that the Spirit House Chair was created for a specific building but is also sold for private households?
 +=== Homework ===
 +  - Project Report 4/5
 +  - Upload a vector drawing of your Stool //ICON// to NYU classes. The name of the file should be the project name.
 +  - Reading: Research Methods for Product Design (chapter 6 (Testing), p. 121–137, chapter 7 (Evaluation & Selection), p. 139-155,
 +  - Watch documentary on [[https://​www.hustwit.com/​rams/​|Dieter Rams]]
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