A DokuWiki flirting with bilingualism to chronicle Prof. Felix Beck's courses and academic antics.

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  • Jason Cruz, Jennifer Tsai and Roudhah Hamad Al Mazrouei, 1st prize and realisation of temporary pavilion Imopermanence for Abu Dhabi Art 2021 (UAE, Abu Dhabi, Manarat Al Saadiyat, November 2021).

Hochschule & Wissenschaft

Mentees, die von Prof. Beck betreut wurden, wurden zu folgenden Master/PhD Programmen/Universitäten zugelassen:


  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Nisala Sathyajith Saheed (MA Digital Design)
  • École cantonale d'art de Lausanne, Salman Rouhani (MA Luxury product design)
  • Royal College of Art London, Diego Arias
  • Universität der Künste Bremen, Adham Chakohi (MA Digital Media)


  • Berkeley - MDes
  • Columbia University (MS Sustainability Management)
  • Colorado Boulder - CTD, MSCS(professional)
  • Cornell University - MPS IS
  • Carnegie Mellon University - ETC
  • Duke University (Masters of Environmental Management)
  • Georgia Tech, Jack Zhang (MSCS)
  • Havard University, Graduate School of Design (MDes Tech)
  • Northeastern - GSD
  • Northwestern - MSR
  • NYU Abu Dhabi/NYU Tandon PhD program in Computer Science, Junior Garcia
  • Parsons School of Design
  • University of California Davis (UC Davis), Kazi Owais Ahmed (PhD Program Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
  • University of Chicago, Alex Wuqi Zhang (PhD Computer Science Program)
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
  • University of Houston
  • University of Pennsylvania (Master Environmental Studies)
  • University of California San Diego - CSE-HCI
  • University of California Santa Barbara - ECE-CCSP, MAT
  • University of Minnesota - MSCS
  • University of Michigan (UMich) - MSI
  • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Katharina Klaunig, PhD program Sociology (Fall, 2022)
  • University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) - LS&T
  • University of Texas (UTSOA), Austin School of Architecture, Yusuf Derya (MA Architecture)
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - LS&T, MSCS
  • Yale

New Zealand

  • University of Waikato (Hamilton) and AgResearch (Lincoln), Tayla Jade (full PhD scholarship)
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