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Supervision/mentoring of BA/MA thesis projects

Prof. Felix Beck is willing to supervise/mentor selected bachelor's/master's thesis as first or second examiner. Interdisciplinary group work is given priority. There is a need to register early – at least one semester in advance!

Possible projects should come from the field of interactive media (VR, AR), media in space (autoactive, reactive, interactive installations), or exhibition design, product design, critical design, etc.

MSD students interested to either take a free project or to do their BA-thesis during one of the upcoming semesters with Prof. Beck, feel free to reach out to him during his open office hours.

Past BA projects

Summer Semester 2022 (MSD)

  • A social-awareness campaign in collaboration with the MSD and the department of health, Hendrik Kespohl

Winter Semester 2021/2022 (MSD)

  • Gestaltungspotentiale des Kunststoffrecycling, Jonnathan Kuhlmann
  • Teilhabe von Menschen mit Behinderung, Nora Karl & Mirjam Bauer

Winter Semester 2020 (NYUAD)

  • Design of a plastic injection machine, Kazi Owais Ahmed (Mechanical Engineering, BA), Muhammad Rafay Ashfaq (Electrical Engineering, BA), Hamza Haider (Electrical Engineering, BA).

    The goal of the group project was to further develop the mechanical and electrical engineering aspects of the Precious Plastic injection machine V02 which enables users to manually inject melted plastic into a mold to create plastic objects. For this capstone project, the group implemented features like a touch screen with integrated user interface to access and control the movement of an integrated electric screw jack. This system enables the user to operate a piston handsfree. A new heating system was successfully designed and implemented.
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