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Art, Media and Technology

CreativeApplications.Net is a community of creative practitioners working at the intersection of art, media and technology. Since 2008, CAN has been at the forefront of innovation—facilitating and contributing to the conversation about culture, society and critical making. CAN is also known for uncovering and contextualising noteworthy work featured on the festival and gallery circuit, executed within the commercial realm or developed as academic research. From online and offline publications to live events, CAN’s initiatives have played an instrumental role in the ideation, development and critique of a multitude of computational tools, projects and collaborations — always promoting critical dialogue, disciplinary interstices, knowledge sharing and feedback + response in diverse media.

We Make Money Not Art is a blog that focuses on the intersection between art, science, and social issues. Created in March 2004, we-make-money-not-art.com investigates the work of artists, designers, and hackers who are using science and technology in a critical, socially engaged way. The blog is a personal one; it features interviews with artists and scientists, book reviews, reports from media art festivals as well as accidental explorations of contemporary culture at large.

Amazing Webworks by Patrick Gillespie: ASCII-Generator, Game of Thrones Chaos Ladder



Kultur (in NRW)

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