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Willkommen, Welcome, Bienvenido, أهلاً وسهلاً, ברוך הבא, स्वागत है, 欢迎, … :-)

On this website Prof. Felix Hardmood Beck shares an overview on his current and past teaching activities, and everything else that relates to his courses and academic involvement. His professional design portfolio can be found under www.felix-beck.de. He is currently setting up a new research group around the newly founded Creative Technologies Lab based at Technology Campus Steinfurt. Check out his former research activities under www.ntsi.info. Happy reading!

About FH Münster University of Applied Sciences

FH Münster University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1971 from a merger of various engineering and vocational schools, stands as one of Germany's largest and most successful applied sciences institutions. Located in Münster and Steinfurt, the university serves around 15.000 students across 14 faculties and several research institutions. It has established a strong reputation for quality in education and research, supported by highest rates of third-party funding among German universities of applied sciences. This commitment to quality inspires strategic alliances with industry partners. The university offers a broad spectrum of programs, including innovative offerings like dual-study options and international programs, with a significant number of courses and activities designed to enhance global competencies​​​​.

It brings Felix great joy to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of our interconnected world, ensuring they become strong critical thinkers and capable problem-solvers. To achieve these goals, he teaches courses in the fields of design, media and technology (…and a sprinkle of artistic flair for good measure). He serves as a mentor, offering advice on everything from competitions to self-initiated projects, and provides guidance on Bachelor's and Master's thesis projects. His support extends beyond theoretical guidance, encompassing practical aspects of project realization, including content and form development, prototyping, production, and project management. Felix delights in organizing exhibitions to showcase students' outstanding projects, and if adequate to transfer curated results from the courses and the students’ research fields to the Reach Center for further development.

Felix at Technology Campus Steinfurt

Located at the Technology Campus in the city of Steinfurt, the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (ETI) is a leading academic institution renowned for its focus on innovative teaching methodologies, cutting-edge research, and practical applications in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, and information technology. The department offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, providing students with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills essential for success in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape.

With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated faculty comprised of industry experts and experienced academics, the school emphasises on hands-on learning experiences, collaborative projects, and industry internships to ensure students are well-prepared for careers in various sectors such as software development, IT, media-design, telecommunications, automation, robotics, and more. Additionally, the department fosters a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, encouraging students to engage in research activities, participate in international exchange programs, and explore interdisciplinary opportunities.

Felix joined ETI as full Professor for Media-Design receiving a life-long tenure position in Spring 2024. Making use of the design process (looking, learning, asking, prototyping, testing, evaluating, communicating, iterating) the students develop and design innovative prototypes on topics that are announced each semester. He is currently teaching the following courses:

  • Design Basics – Praktische Grundlagen der Gestaltung (ETI Wahlpflicht Bachelor, 4. semester, 5 CP) ⇒ SoSe 2024
  • Media Design Project (ETI Wahlpflicht Bachelor, 5. semester, 5 CP) ⇒ WiSe 2024/25
  • Media Objects – Entwicklung eines medialen Objektes (ETI Wahlpflicht Master, 1–3. semester 5 CP) ⇒ SoSe 2024
  • Media Installations – Entwicklung einer medialen Installation (ETI Wahlpflicht Master, 1–3. semester 5 CP) ⇒ WiSe 2024/25
  • Design, Technology and Innovation in Munsterland (4.5 CP, BA/MA) ⇒ 2022, 2023, 2024

Find a list of the courses he teaches/taught so far.

Other activities:

Felix at Münster School of Design

The Münster School of Design (MSD) is the design department of FH Münster University of Applied Sciences. Felix joined the department as full Professor receiving a life-long position in Fall 2020. Being in charge of the Design Foundations program he was involved in the restructuring and organisation of the foundations program (example of structure of first semester and second semester), and teaching the following courses:

  • Foundations of Design I. (10 CP, 1st semester BA-level)
  • Foundations of Design II. (10 CP, 2nd semester BA-level, incl. introduction to the departments' workshops),
    Example semester topics: Lautleise, Non Intentional Design, Radio Gaga
  • Design, Technology and Innovation in Munsterland (4.5 CP, BA-level summer school class offered in 2023
  • Welcome Week (Five days of introductions for incoming cohort: ±90 students each semester)

He also enjoyed co-teaching additional courses like…

  • Creativity & Innovation (co-teaching design methodologies at Münster School of Business in 2021 (MA-level))
  • CampX – a three day gathering on Felix's farm1) on the topic of sustainability, August 2022 with Münster School of Business (MA-level).
  • Introduction to Nursing (co-teaching design methodologies at Münster School of Health in 2021 (BA-level)).

A full overview on his teaching activities as part of the MSD Münster School of Design can be found at the Grundlagen-Wiki which he is maintaining for his colleagues and himself for MSD's foundational program: wiki.msd-basics.info

Please note that a username and password are needed to access the Grundlagen-Wiki. Just write to Felix to get those credentials…

Teaching at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), 2015 – 2020

From 2015 to 2020 Felix was Assistant Professor of Practice of Design at NYUAD's engineering department. During this time he newly developed several courses. By offering three ADT Core courses (ADT = Art, Design, Technology) per year he essentially added to the Engineering department’s contribution of curricular offerings.
 Find a summary of all of Beck's accomplishments at NYUAD here (PDF/100kb).

Courses taught:

  • 'Utilitas, Venustas, Firmitas' (Art, Design, and Technology Core Competency Course (CADT-UH 1016), 4CP, 14 weeks)
  • 'Manus Et Machina' (Art, Design, and Technology Core Competency Course (CADT-UH 1001), 4CP, 14 weeks)
  • 'Plastic Fantastic' (Art, Design, and Technology Core Competency Course (CADT-UH 1045J), 4 CP, 3 weeks, J-Term)
  • Design & Innovation (Engineering Foundations Core (ENGR-AD 110), 2 CP, 3 weeks, J-Term)
  • Design Fundamentals (Engineering Elective (ENGR-AD 323), 4 CP, 14 weeks)
  • Introduction to Interactive Media (introductory course (MDMED-AD 101), 4CP, 14 weeks)
  • Engineers for Social Impact (1 CP, 2 weeks trip as part of 14 weeks Engineering Ethics course (ENGR-AD-324))

Check out the list of all courses, workshops, exhibitions, and other activities in this revision of “the old” hardmood-wiki:


And here are some impressions from the past…

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